PrettyLitter For Cat Lovers :/

For those who love cats, there are still PLENTY of things that are annoying about cats! Let’s talk about the most obvious one: cleaning up their poo. If you have a cat that lives indoors, that’s a reality you have to deal with, and you don’t want your cat crapping and peeing on your fancy persian rug. So how do you deal with the problem?

Well let’s see. There’s a few things you can do, and a few products you can use. The one that has caught our attention is PrettyLitter (also available on Amazon) which is a litter box that is supposed to also tell you how your cat is doing, health wise. It does that by changing colors to indicate different things.

Reviews on PrettyLitter are fairly mixed right now, with many hyping the product up, and some just giving 1 star reviews for random reasons (eg. it’s a renewable billing product).

For a relatively objective review that talks about the good AND bad, see this prettylitter review for 2020 by It’s rated 3 stars out of 5. Good, but not perfect. Reviews from other people who’ve used PrettyLitter are also included.