Falcon Digital Marketing

Falcon Digital Marketing is an agency with a particular focus on helping you with paid advertising, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads (unlike most agencies these days, they just focus on these core competencies, and do not offer SEO services for example). The reason you may want to go with an agency to help you… Continue reading Falcon Digital Marketing


DebtMD is a very good resource we found on how to tackle debt. Currently, the site has 3 different focuses: dealing with credit card debt, medical debt, and student loan debt. All of these can be absolutely devastating for Americans. Already the site has been featured on sites like Forbes and The Simple Dollar. Recommended… Continue reading DebtMD

Helios Supplements

Helios Supplements has a number of pretty interesting products that you may want to take a look at. The company was founded in 2017 and sells on both the company website, and Amazon. Perhaps the most noteworthy product they offer is Krill Oil, which claims to be “like fish oil, only better.” Customer feedback on… Continue reading Helios Supplements

How To Use An Auto Clicker

An auto clicker is a simple program that will click your mouse for you. That can automate your work if you’re required to click on something every few seconds. There are a few applications for where you’d want to use an autoclicker, such as in various games like RuneScape. One auto clicker that may be… Continue reading How To Use An Auto Clicker

Exercise in pregnancy helps restore tissues in obese mothers according to the study

The exercise performed during pregnancy can be of great help to obese mothers according to a new study published in Physiological Reports and conducted by researchers at the University of Cambridge. According to the researchers, in particular, physical activity would help mothers to restore key body tissues during pregnancy.It is well known that physical exercises can help… Continue reading Exercise in pregnancy helps restore tissues in obese mothers according to the study