8 Soft Skills for Personal and Professional Growth

EFFYDESK (an E-commerce store for standing desks, office chairs, accessories and more) has published an excellent post titled 8 Soft Skills for Personal and Professional Growth. Highly useful for anyone in the worforce!

Digital Marketing Training at DIGIPERFORM

For those looking for digital marketing training, Digiperform Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Consultant may be well worth doing. It has many hours of training on all kinds of different internet marketing topics.

Casandra Properties

Casandra Properties is a leader among Staten Island REALTORS® for commercial real estate sales and Staten Island retail leasing.

the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

Established in 2005, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) is a fast-growing Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship. As a state-of-the-art international organization, iED promotes change for the better, through entrepreneurial and innovative actions and supports every entrepreneurial venture across Europe.


EduReviews is the largest educational directory in Malaysia. Strongly recommended for parents and students to have a browse through it if you’re looking for a school or need enrollment advice.


Rakuna is a recruiting platform that helps with interview scheduling and a whole lot more. Worth taking a look at if you’re hiring people.

Zesty Things

For info on health, fitness and a little bit of everything else, check out Zesty Things.

Get Set Resumes

Get Set Resumes is a goldmine for advice on how to write a perfect resume. But they’ve also published on a lot of other topics such as interviewing, leadership, trends and more. Take a look at it.


Check out PowerHomeBiz.com for some excellent tips and advice on how to run a home business. This magazine was started way back in 1999 and has published some very good content since.